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Inspiration From Different Architectural Styles

When building a house, one of the critical considerations is the architectural style that will be used. There are numerous options appealing to different tastes. Some are grand and stately with a Baroque twist; others are simpler and more futuristic. Here is a helpful guide to the most popular architectural styles for houses.

Bold Designs

Those who prefer a bolder, more eye-catching design may base their house on the grand architecture of the past. A popular idea is to incorporate some elements of Greek or Roman architecture, including Corinthian columns, perhaps at the entrance to the house. Gothic architecture is usually seen in churches but can also be successfully adapted for a modern home. Arches are a typical feature of this style.

Simple Designs

Modern architecture is said to encompass a style that originated in the first half of the 20th century. The lack of ornamentation is quite apparent, with clean, uncluttered lines being the preferred option. Unusual materials may be in evidence, such as glass and concrete. The function of the property is more important than how it looks. The current trend is Neo-futurism, which relies on advances in technology to create properties that take their inspiration from sci-fi movies.

Imagination is the only limit to architecture, and no particular style should be favored over another. A frank discussion between the architect and the property owner will ensure that the desired outcome is reached.

Designs and Architecture

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