Climate Risk Assessment Guide - Central Asia

Report / Paper

Climate Risk Assessment Guide - Central Asia



July 2013


The Climate Risk Assessment Guide – Central Asia provides a clear and practical process to assess the impacts and outcomes of climate-related events on lives and livelihoods in Central Asia. The need the Guide arises from the region’s arid climate and the livelihoods systems based on this climate, significant impacts from climate-related damage, and regional infrastructure not designed to reflect current capacities to address climate risk impacts. Short and long-term climate risks threaten poverty reduction and developmental sustainability. Existing climate impact reports for Central Asia need to be complemented by assessment results that downscale the understanding of climate impacts in ways that support sub-national climate risk management.

The Guide is divided into three broad sections:

  • Conceptual background to risk assessment,
  • Methodological approaches and procedures for the Central Asia assessments process, and
  • A step-by-step process for conducting assessments based leading to the development of climate risk assessment profiles or other practical outputs.