APEC Climate Symposium 2013 to be held 11-13 November


APEC Climate Symposium 2013 to be held 11-13 November

ORGANISER: APEC Climate Center


June 2013


The APEC Climate Symposium (APCS) is an annual event, held since 2005, that brings together around 100 scientists, representatives of National Hydrological and Meteorological Services, academics, policy-makers and students from around the world to discuss emerging issues in climate prediction and its applications. This year’s APEC Climate Symposium will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia from November 11 -– 13. The theme of the 2013 symposium is “Regional Cooperation on Drought Prediction Science to Support Disaster Preparedness and Management”.


This international symposium will explore the importance of advance climate information for supporting drought preparedness and disaster management. This event will be the first of its kind to specifically examine drought in the Asia-Pacific region. Over three days, the event will examine topics such as the latest innovative techniques in drought and seasonal climate prediction, the development of Early Warning Systems (EWS), drought response and risk management planning, regional cooperation on drought response, and information transfer and communication networks. The event will bring scientists and researchers together with representatives from government agencies, NGOs, and the private sector in order to foster a collaborative dialogue on drought prediction and management.


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